Everything You Need to Know about Camping in Denmark

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Denmark is one of those places that people all over the world choose not only for its amazing attractions but for its wonderful landscapes as well. There are also many locals and not only who love camping very much. If you also fancy this type of activity then you should read this article as we are going to show you everything you need to know about camping in Denmark.

Rules You Must Follow when Camping in Denmark

First of all, you need to choose the exact place where you are going to camp. For example, if you want to camp wild then you are lucky because this country has more than a thousand ‘’primitive’’ campsites, located in the public forests. Some of these places have running water and are even equipped with basic wooden shelters. There is actually an even more rustic alternative and that is to pitch up at one of the ‘free tenting’ zones, where you don’t even need to book anything in advance.

There are certain rules for camping wild in Denmark, such as spending just one night in the same spot, don’t pitch more than two tents at a time, don’t pitch a tent within sight of any buildings, open fires are not permitted, and in case nature calls you must do your business far from any walking trail.

On the other hand, if you choose to camp on Danish beaches then you must know that this activity is forbidden in Denmark, and that includes all the beaches that are connected to the free camping zones. If you are brave enough and if you want to do something truly challenging then you should spend a summer night on the beach or dunes in a sleeping bag, but obviously without a tent.

How to Find the Best Campsites

Denmark has around 500 organized campsites, which is quite a lot. Therefore, you will be able to find exactly what you need and spend an amazing vacation. Due to the fact that this country has plenty of small islands, a significant proportion of campsites are extremely close to the sea. Danish campsites can be grouped into two categories, those affiliated with the Danish Camping Board, and free campsites.

Denmark’s independent campsites do not have the same standards as the Danish Camping Board’s sites, but they still remain an option for all those who want to camp on their own. However, all Danish campsites must be approved by local authorities so that any traveler can feel safe at all times.

You Will Enjoy Stunning Landscapes

This is a detail that will surely impress you. No matter what region of Denmark you choose for camping you will surely enjoy some amazing views as the entire country is absolutely superb. However, in order to see these landscapes in their splendor, you should choose to camp at the beginning of summer when the weather is nice and all the trees, plants, and flowers come to life. Camping in the springtime is also an excellent choice although the weather tends to be a bit too chilly.






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