Have You Met Mr Right?

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If you’ve asked yourself this question, nine times out of ten you’ve probably heard yourself ask, “But what if he hasn’t done it yet?” Or some variation of that.

At some point you just have to meet Mr. Right. After all, even if you do meet Mr. Right, you may not be what he’s looking for. All too often, women end up ” hitch-dding” a guy they barely know, and they are anywhere they are going wrong.

First of all, have you met Mr. Right already? If you answered “no” to that question, then that tells every reason in the world why you haven’t met Mr. Right. And every reason why Mr. Right hasn’t shown up for you just yet.

Second of all, if you’ve met Mr. Right already, what are the signs that he’s Mr. Right? Here are ten sure-fire ways to know if you’ve met him.

1. He loves you for you.

Let’s say you walk into an elevator and he swears he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. Let’s say you walk into a bar and you spot him sitting at the bar with his head tilted up, drinking a bottle of something. If you’ve already admitted yourself into a relationship, that tells him he owns you. That he may even now be working to maintain your affection.

2. He makes you a point of pride.

Whenever he walks into a room, the place lights up. Keep in mind that the world does not know how to turn the lights down if he’s lighting your life to a dark corner.

3. He walks out the door and you can still smell his perfume on your clothes.

The best perfumes leave a lot to be desired. If he walked out that door and you can still smell something that he’s put inside your body, know that you are what he’s made you to be.

4. He knows how to treat you and respect you.

He doesn’t have to try to buy you a lot of things, but he does it at just the right moments. He also doesn’t allow the door to slam in your face if you want to stand your ground.

5. He feels no shame in you walking out of the bathroom.

When he’s talking to your, he doesn’t make sure that you are comfortable. He asks for your opinions and he listens to them. He can be the biggest macho man in the room and yet he doesn’t think your opinion is stupid. This only proves that he respects you.

6. He remembers all the special dates of yours.

He notices things that you don’t even realize about. He learns them just from being with you. Can you believe that he’s noticed the fact that you like dark chocolate as much as he does? That one little detail of you makes him such a wonderful person to be with.

7. You are his bond to the outside world.

You get on each others nerves easily. He doesn’t get tongue tied like other guys. He talks to you about anything. He also makes sure that the deepest secrets of your life are kept just by you.

8. He makes money to be with you.

A man wants to provide for his woman. But if he has some concerns about his family budget, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to provide. It might just mean he wants to provide for the one thing he cares about – himself.

9. He takes care of you when you’re sick.

Either he was already married to you, and now he’s a single man because he wants to be around you, or he Brian will sick check on you several times a day to make sure you’re okay.

10. He never leaves you.

To a man there’s no greater joy than being the ultimate soul mate of his girl. You can have a real date on sites like sugardaddy.de . And if he never leaves his girlfriend, he’s most likely the perfect boyfriend. This doesn’t mean that he’s perfect when he claims he’s not. He will most likely have days where he doesn’t feel like helping you out. But it should work out fine in the end.

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