The Best Places in Europe to go Wild Camping

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Wild camping is about getting away from it all, so here are some of the best spots for this pursuit. We love wild camping, although paid campgrounds are great for people who don’t have a water filter, don’t want to get sick, and are willing to have a proper toilet, but had yet to find a complete list of laws. If you are alone, you can even hire a beautiful sugar girl to take you places and have fun with, as the locals surely know the area, and these days it is easy to find an escort service anywhere in Europe. Take a look : . or read top reviews on


In most countries, camping usually takes place in an untamed location, because there’s something a little anachronistic about a campsite, although, technically, today wild camping became trespassing. Wild camping makes the outdoors accessible and gives you the possibility to completely disconnect, so you don’t have to worry about camping neighbors.


In case you are thinking about your next adventure or fancy going back to basics, in our digital-heavy world, some quality time is a great healer for the body, but if you’ve not been wild camping, knowing where’s best to head to pitch a tent and enjoy the peace might be tricky. For those who are in Europe, here is a list of the wild camping spots where it is legal (although you can also camp in not-so-wild places, provided you are discreet and there is nobody to bother you).


  1. England

One mighty great loophole was the Land Reform Act, with a general theme can be summarized thus: wild camping is OK in Scotland as long as you don’t leave rubbish behind and ask local landowners, while in England things are a little stuffier. Due to its welcoming rules, Dartmoor is free from the threat of angry farmers, well out of range of the ranges in the north, and the shores of Styhead tarn are a popular wild spot, as well as Brecon Beacons. Unless you’re planning to camp in London’s parks, with a number of train routes on hand, you won’t have to go far for wild camping near London. We’ve got a solution, because even though the only place where wild camping is actually legal is Dartmoor, this doesn’t mean you should turn your back on places closer to London. If you want to go wild camping here are some of the best spots to head off into the middle of nowhere, especially if you live in London: The South Downs, The Chiltern Hills and The High Weald.


  1. The Nordic countries

In these countries there is natural beauty everywhere and the access to nature is guaranteed by Allemansrätten, which allows you to set up camp on private land, so it’s simply perfect, as long as you don’t scrimp on your thermals.


  1. Albania

If there is a wild camping law, no one is paying any attention, and the country is full of wild places, so it might just become your favorite country, just try to avoid the beach in the summer.

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